Social Media Management


Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have been a hot topic over the last couple of years, with all kinds of “How To Market With Social Media” products being sold. The trouble is, a lot of people who use these sites for marketing purposes wind up giving up because they don’t get the results they’d hoped.

Does that mean social media is a waste of time for marketing? Not exactly. It simply means that you need to approach them effectively.

The reason a lot of local business aren’t happy with their results is because they approach social media as a way to broadcast their message to a bunch of people at once.

They add everybody they can find as a friend on Facebook and follow hundreds of people on Twitter. Then they just start broadcasting links to offers and other things they want to drive traffic to.

But because they don’t actually have a relationship with those people, most of their followers never even see those posts. And worse, if their followers are doing the same thing it just become a vicious circle, with a bunch of people yelling into a vaccum.

The proper way to treat social media is as a long-term relationship builder. Instead of just pumping out one self-serving update after another, take the time to actually interact. Respond to other people’s updates, ask questions and get to know some of the people you follow, or who follow you.

Share things that will be valuable for your followers, even if it has nothing to do with you or your sites. This is what you would do in the real world, and social media is really no different.

Once you’ve started to build those relationships, people will be a heck of a lot more likely to click on things you have to offer.

Naturally, it’s a given that you should also provide a lot of value in any offers you make to your network of followers. Otherwise, they’re only going to click a couple of times before they lose faith in what you’re offering them.

Spend a bit of time on relationship building before you try to pitch anything to your followers and you’ll probably get much better results from social media.

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