Social Media Checklist

twitter checklist

Many businesses fail at their attempts at social media marketing. Mostly this applies to big business because they don’t understand how to communicate socially with their customers.

This checklist will launch your social media planning the right way. It may be helpful to print this and check off each step as you progress.

Before You Begin

 Establish domain, brand, and usernames
 Create logos, avatars, and images
 Determine your personality style
 Establish your voice style/tone
 Study what your target audience is talking about
 Learn the needs of your target audience
 Take notes about your target audience

Setting Goals

 Branding – create short and long term goals
 Engagement with the audience – create short and long term goals
 Traffic – create short and long term goals
 Delivering top-notch customer service – create short and long term goals.

Putting Your Plan Into Action

Brand Awareness

 Establish Facebook profile/group page
 Set up Twitter profile – don’t forget to customize your page to match your branding!
 Get your brand, logo, images on other social bookmarking sites

Blog, Blog, Blog

 __________________________
 __________________________
 __________________________
 __________________________


 YouTube
 Flickr
 Photobucket
 Pinterest
 Instagram
 Reddit
 LinkdIn
 __________________________

Connect in Every Way Possible

 Forums and community messaging boards
 Other microblogging sites such as:
o ◦ FmyLife
o ◦ Foursquare
o ◦ Jaiku
o ◦ Plurk
o ◦ Posterous
o ◦ Tumblr
o ◦ Yammer

Example Beginning Strategy

 Create introduction video
 Submit the video on video sharing sites
 Upload photos on Flickr, PhotoBucket etc.

Social Media Tracking

 Sign up with and shorten links
 Set up Google Analytics
 Set up Google alerts
 Create account with Social monitoring programs
o ◦Buffer
o ◦Hootsuite
o ◦Sprout Social
o ◦Viralheat
o ◦SoccialOomph
o ◦Tweetdeck
o ◦Sprinklr
o ◦SocialPilot
o ◦Send Social Media
 Set up Google alerts

Launching Your Social Media Campaign

 Content updated across all of the above social media sites.
 Influential bloggers contacted (Message sent)
 Start prelaunch
 Accept friend requests and reply to comments.
 Announcement of the launch

That should give you a head start over the competition, so keep the lead by expanding on it.

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